We produce our exceptionally matured organic Olive Oil with exclusively traditional methods.


Designation of Origin

The flavour, the aroma and the natural ingredients of Mallorcan olive oil are unique.


Extra Native

First order of quality: when it is directly prepared from olives by using exclusively mechanical processes.


Flavour experience

We focus on the achievement of a high-quality olive oil for our customers.


The Finca

Son Nebot Olive Oil

Son Nebot Olive Oil

Olive oil is obtained from the grinding of olives and the extraction of their juice. It is the only oil made without the use of chemical...

Son Nebot Wine

Son Nebot Wine

Our Son Nebot Rosé is available now.


Enjoy our olive oil

also in your kitchen!
We’ll tell you the best recipes with olive oil..

Unsere Produkte

Our olive oil is
guaranteed ecological,
handmade and high quality.

Verge extra

‘Verge extra’ olive oils come exclusively from genuine oil production and are of the highest quality.

New Harvest

Traditionally harvested olives, which are pressed on the day of harvest, ensure that you receive a high-quality premium olive oil.

Originally Mallorquín

The flavour, the aroma and the natural make-up of Mallorcan olive oils are all unique.

Delicate Flavour

Some conclusive fine tuning is required in ensuring that our olive oil is perfectly balanced.

Highest Quality

A high-quality extra virgin olive oil is perfect as a seasoning for Fish, Meat and Vegetables.

Absolutely organic

We produce high quality organic olive oil, because we only employ environmentally friendly products.

Olive oil & Health


Protects from heart attacks

Olive oil is among the healthiest forms of fat, fats should be chosen with care and for the sake of one’s well-being.


Lowers cholesterol

The health-promoting advantages of olive oil also include a lower level of cholesterol in a subject’s blood.


Improves memory performance

The anti-oxidants contained in olive oil can cause a reversal in disease-related memory deficits.


Helpful with stomach and digestive conditions

While olive oil does have its share of calories, its inherent components are conducive to weight loss and decreased obesity.


Fights free radicals and cancer cells

The substances present in Olive oil can lower the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.


Healthy for the cardio-vascular system

Olive oil can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, while it also improves blood clotting.