Der Erntezeitpunkt

The time of harvest is decisive in achieving a good olive oil.

Less ripe, prematurely picked olives result in a tart and peppery acrid oil with green notes, an oil that stings in the throat when tasted. When the oil is in balance with its complementary phytochemical substances at the olive’s point of peak ripeness, the oil is especially fruity, and not devoid of sharp spice and the required bitterness. This combination of flavours earns the best quality grade. The riper the olives become, the oilier and more buttery the oil ends up tasting.

For an extra virgin olive oil, the olives need to be taken straight from the tree at the optimal ripeness moment and processed within hours, in a modern oil mill, in which the production process will prevent the oil from undergoing fermentation or oxidation. This oil must further fulfil special chemical and sensory requirements. As such and according to legislation, it must for example exhibit 0.8 percent or lower free-fatty-acid content, (though much more desirable here, is a value below 0.5 percent – however, even fatty acid values can be distorted nowadays.) Only a genuine Verge Extra olive oil can be truly beneficial!

Son Nebot olive oil has a medium pungency, a medium degree of bitterness and a slightly fruity flavour. It is therefore one of the excellent olive oils. It is always pressed on the day of harvest at 24°C.

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