Original Mallorquin

An olive oil is only originally Mallorcan when it has merited the designation of origin “Oli de Mallorca”, within Spain’s Denominación de Origen quality management system.

The olive oil made in Mallorca has since the year 2002 boasted this badge of honour (Denominación de Origen), which has been granted in accordance with the regulations of the European Union, as this is a local agricultural foodstuff, of which the quality and properties are due in large part to the naturally surrounding and human input factors of its originating geographical setting. All of the procedures relating to its production and processing are carried out in a single clearly demarcated geographic area and as all of the requirements in place regarding its origin denomination are satisfied, the Mallorcan olive oil was awarded this renowned label.

The origin-designated olive oil from Mallorca, now bottled and sealed, is released onto the market. Its quality is guaranteed with the quality seal by the regulating body for origin denomination. The producers‘ labels also feature the recorded serial number, under which the specified origin is stated.

Our Son Nebot olive oil is complete with this origin designation and therefore features the corresponding seal.

Buy your bottle of the “fluid gold” of the Finca Son Nebot in Mallorca today.

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