An interesting fact is that olive oil is made up predominantly of unsaturated oleic acids. Only around 8% of fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids and 16% are saturated. The oleic acid is thus the deciding factor, as this has very special effects, as for example in the blood. Oleic acid has a positive impact on cell building.

An article in International Olive Council is highly intriguing to this end. In it, the various health-related factors are discussed with reference to well-known studies. An important point within it is the essay regarding the advantages of olive oil to the cardio-vascular system. Here it is confirmed, that olive oil lowers cholesterol levels and serves to prevent vessels from becoming fatty.

A study from the USA showed that a diet with plenty of oleic acids can shield the „good“ HDL cholesterol from oxidative damage and thereby protect us from heart disease. A further study from the USA showed that the oleic acid in olive oil was responsible for its famous blood-pressure decreasing effects.