Son Nebot Olive Oil

Our Son Nebot Olive Oil is a traditionally prepared olive oil, with the assigned origin denomination of Mallorca. In our case, the olive oil is a pure, single-variety olive oil made 100% using the “Picual” olive variety. Oil from the Picual olive strain is of an exceptional stability and lengthy shelf-life, particularly due to its oleic acid content, its high polyphenol content and the copious natural antioxidants. Depending on the “terroir”, oils obtained from the Picual olive can have different aromas. At lower altitudes, they tend toward a pleasantly bitter flavour with a subtle note of wood, while oils from the mountains taste fresher and sweeter. The Picual variety is a very sought-after olive. An approximate 24% olive oil yield is achieved from this strain.

Our olive oil is a verge extra and therefore an extra virgin olive oil satisfies all of the EU requirements necessary for its designation as such.

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Our Son Nebot olive oil is a very special and exquisite oil, as the very highest quality level can be guaranteed thanks to the short transport routes to the mill. The recently installed oil mill from Tuscany is particularly gentle and can produce excellent oil right in the vicinity of our trees.